How does Enform work?

It works by pairing the driver's compatible smartphone to your vehicle's head unit to access the apps from the comfort of your vehicle. You can easily control Enform services through the vehicle's remote touch controller. Access will be via the Lexus Enform icon on the multimedia display via the Lexus Remote Touch controller (LRT) on the centre console. Lexus Enform utilises compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphones, unlocking access to a suite of apps and services, all around the clock, all within your vehicle, all in real time.1

What App Services are included?
Lexus is continually adding services to Enform. See www.lexus.com.au/enform/about for details on the currently available apps.


Can I get Enform on another manufacturer's vehicle?
No. The Enform system is an in-vehicle system unique to Lexus.
Which Lexus models have Enform?
Enform is currently available on all Lexus models with the exception of selected grades of the CT 200h.


Yes, guest accounts can be created via the Enform smartphone app.
What does Enform cost?
Enform is free with the vehicle however there may be data costs charged to your phone account when you use the services, depending on the phone plan you are on.


What if I don't want to use/activate the Lexus Enform services?
You don't have to. The Lexus Enform service is provided with a free initial period to enhance your driving experience. If you do not wish to use the service then simply don't create an account.

An icon will still appear on your menu screen but will not have any functionality.


I don't have a compatible smartphone, can I still use Enform?
At this time, only the listed compatible smartphones have been tested and confirmed to work with Lexus Enform. Other similar smartphones may have some level of compatibility but Lexus does not guarantee this. See section below for compatible devices.
Is my phone compatible with Enform?
Enform will work with compatible smartphones only. Apple iPhone and Google Android™ platform smartphones form a large percentage of the smartphone market in Australia, ensuring most customers will be able to use the Enform system.

In the future, other popular makes of smartphones may also be considered but Lexus has no immediate plans to expand the operability to any other makes or models.

Enform will not work with Blackberry or some Windows phones (certain Nokia models) at this stage. Lexus retains the right to amend the list of compatible phones from time to time.
Will additional smartphones work with this system in the future?
Lexus will continue to assess the popularity of various smartphones available in Australia. At present we have no plans to extend operability to other smartphone makes and models.


How do I know that Enform is giving me the right information? What is the source of the information for Local Search, Weather, Fuel Finder and Destination Download/Assist?
To ensure you get accurate information, we have used credible sources to support Enform functionality. ²

Places: TomTom https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/traffic-index/

Weather - The Bureau of Meteorology http://www.bom.gov.au/

Fuel Nearby - Motormouth https://motormouth.com.au/

Parking - HERE Maps
Open Data from Melbourne City Council
Open Data from Access Canberra


Can I connect more than one smartphone to Enform?
Only one phone can pair to the head unit at a time.
How much will the data download costs be? Will it increase my phone bill?
Data usage will vary depending on each app and how often you use it.

We suggest you check with your service provider to understand the limits of your purchased data plan. Some smartphones, like iPhone, have the ability to track how much cellular data is used. Refer to your smartphones owner's manual for details.
Is my personal information kept private?

Please see the Enform Privacy Statement. This can be viewed at: http://www.lexus.com.au/smallprint/privacy

Will Enform work with my iPad or iPod Touch?
No. Enform is designed to work with compatible Smartphones only.

If you require further assistance using the Enform service, you can contact the Lexus customer assistance centre on 1800 023 009.


1. Requires compatible device & app installation, third party info, mobile data, network reception & GPS signal. Mobile usage at user's cost. Apps subject to change. For details see lexus.com.au/enform.

2. Uses third party information which may not be accurate or cover all areas.